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Added on May 30, 2023
AI-powered quiz generator to make unique trivia questions & answers.
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Effortlessly create quizzes, flashcards, and notes using AI technology. Save time by quickly converting text, web pages, and files into different formats, utilizing the latest advancements in learning science. Generate a variety of question types, such as multiple choice, short answer, and true/false, and easily share them with others. Ideal for teachers, e-learning platforms, and corporate training.

Key Features

  • Flexible content sources: Generate quizzes from books, articles, documents, websites, and technical documentation
  • Diverse question formats: Construct multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and fill in the blank questions
  • Customizability: Set difficulty levels, specify the number of questions, and choose the quiz language
  • Chrome extension: Conveniently transform web pages into quizzes with the help of a browser add-on
  • Pro feature: Enter up to 5,000 characters for more accurate results, create quizzes with up to 10 questions, and access all available languages

Use cases for Quizgecko cater to various types of users:

  • Educators looking to create quizzes for students based on course materials
  • Content creators interested in engaging their audience through interactive quizzes
  • Individuals aiming to test their knowledge on different topics using personalized quizzes
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