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Added on May 30, 2023
Enhanced and upscaled photos for businesses with API.
Image Editing

Viesus introduces an advanced AI solution hosted on the cloud, designed to enrich and enhance images with utmost precision, efficiency, and automation. The offering encompasses a web-based application as well as access to an API, granting users convenience and a wide array of features.

Main Features:

  • API tailored for the improvement of multiple images simultaneously, catering ideally to businesses seeking superior image quality, such as print and photo platforms, as well as marketplaces.
  • Generation of high-resolution images: Users can rely on algorithms to generate pristine high-resolution images without imperfections.
  • Lossless upscaling: The capability to enhance low-resolution images without any compromise to quality or the introduction of noise.
  • Facial reconstruction: The ability to reconstruct faces from low-resolution or digitally compressed photos, enhancing both details and overall appearance.
  • Accurate detection and removal of red-eye: Skillfully identify and eliminate red-eye occurrences in photographs.
  • AI-powered image analysis and corrections: Beneficial for localized and global color corrections, contrast adjustments, and brightness enhancements.
  • Customizable workflows: Streamline the enhancement processes for extensive quantities of photos through personalized automation.

Practical Usage Scenarios:

• Enhancing photo quality and resolution for print, photo platforms, and marketplaces.

• Upscaling low-resolution images while preserving quality and clarity.

• Enhancing facial characteristics in photos to augment details and visual appeal.

• Automating the enhancement process for large volumes of photos by leveraging customized workflows.

Viesus proves to be an invaluable resource for businesses and individuals aiming to enhance and upscale their photographs.

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