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Added on May 30, 2023
Safe Ai for your team: focused on compliance and social collaboration
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Suzan is an enhanced version of ChatGPT called GPT-4 which prioritizes data protection by preventing data loss and detecting and reporting inappropriate or unethical behaviors. Some notable features of Suzan include:

  • Support for multiple users in a chat
  • Secure API endpoints
  • Pre-compliance with the EU AI Act

One of the main benefits of using Suzan is its ability to safeguard a company's data and identify any inappropriate or unethical actions. Moreover, it offers a secure communication platform that complies with the EU AI Act.

Suzan can be utilized in various scenarios such as:

  • Ensuring secure communication among team members
  • Protecting confidential company information
  • Detecting and reporting inappropriate or unethical behaviors

Overall, Suzan is an effective solution for companies seeking to ensure the security of their communication and safeguard their data.

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