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Added on May 30, 2023
Transformer-based text-to-audio model
Text To Speech
  Open Source
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aBark is a model developed by Suno that uses transformer-based technology to convert text into audio. This text-to-audio model offers several key features and advantages:

  • Highly realistic, multilingual speech generation
  • Ability to create music, background noise, and simple sound effects
  • Production of nonverbal communications such as laughing, sighing, and crying
  • Access to pretrained model checkpoints that are ready for inference
  • Support for the research community

There are various use cases for Bark that involve different audio-related activities:

  • Creating multilingual audiobooks and podcasts
  • Generating background noise and sound effects for films, TV shows, and video games
  • Developing assistive technology for individuals with speech impairments
  • Improving text-to-speech technology for various industries

Bark is a powerful tool for individuals interested in producing high-quality audio content. Its support for the research community also makes it a valuable resource for advancing the field of text-to-audio technology.

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