Slack GPT
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Added on May 30, 2023
Bringing the power of generative AI in Slack to help you work smarter, learn faster, and communicate better.
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Slack GPT is a tool powered by artificial intelligence that aims to enhance productivity, communication, and learning within Slack, by bringing the capabilities of generative AI into the platform.

Key Features:

  • Effortless integration of AI: Seamlessly incorporate language models such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, Anthropic's Claude, or custom-made integrations.
  • AI-generated conversation summaries: Improve communication by utilizing AI-generated summaries of Slack conversations.
  • Writing support with AI: Enhance written communication with AI-powered writing assistance.
  • Einstein GPT app: Gain access to AI-driven customer insights based on dependable Salesforce Customer 360 data and Data Cloud.
  • Flexible integration options: Customize your AI integration using clicks, code, or a combination of both methods.

Use Cases:

• Increase productivity by integrating AI capabilities directly into your Slack workspace.

• Improve team communication through AI-generated conversation summaries and writing assistance.

• Utilize AI-driven customer insights to make well-informed business decisions.

Slack GPT makes it easy for users to seamlessly integrate AI into their workflows, resulting in improved productivity, better communication, and valuable, data-driven insights for making informed business decisions.

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