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Added on May 30, 2023
Faster Product-Market Fit with AI User Interviews
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RhetorAI is a tool powered by AI that collects useful feedback from conversational user surveys. It offers the following key features and advantages:

  • Automated follow-up questions: Effortlessly obtains in-depth insights by asking relevant follow-up questions based on user input
  • High volume interviews: Conducts numerous interviews per day with permanent transcript storage
  • Prioritized insights: Summarizes the most important findings from interviews for focused decision-making

Use cases for RhetorAI encompass a variety of tasks:

  • Assessing price sensitivity, product stickiness, and feature prioritization
  • Gathering feedback on design and understanding the user journey
  • Discovering unexpected use cases and supplementing other data-gathering tools

Overall, RhetorAI expedites the process of achieving product-market fit by automating user interviews and uncovering the deepest motivations and pain points of customers.

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