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Added on May 30, 2023
Generate AI images on your GPU with a user-friendly, feature-rich tool for Windows
Image Generator
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The tool provides support for generating images from text and from existing images, as well as editing images based on instructions and using multiple prompts. It also includes features for viewing images, improving image quality, restoring faces, and keeping track of previous prompts. It offers a straightforward setup process with all necessary dependencies for easy installation.

Main Features:

  1. Easy installation: Includes all necessary dependencies for hassle-free setup.
  2. Versatile image generation: Capable of generating images from text, images, or instructions.
  3. Multiple prompts and features: Can run multiple prompts simultaneously and offers attention/emphasis and negative prompt options.
  4. Comprehensive functionality: Includes built-in features for viewing images, enhancing image quality, restoring faces, and keeping track of prompt history.
  5. Customization and safety: Supports custom concepts, seamless images, and scans downloaded models for malware.
  6. Privacy-focused: The tool and third parties do not collect or share any data.

Use Cases:

• Generating AI images on a Windows-based system using your GPU is a breeze with this tool.

• Creating images using various generation modes, such as text-to-image or image-to-image, is a snap.

• Taking advantage of the built-in features for editing images, enhancing image quality, and restoring faces is straightforward.

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