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Added on May 30, 2023
Instant Voice Cloning for Text-to-Speech and Singing
Text To Speech

MyVocal.AI is a vocal technology platform that provides a variety of features and benefits:

  • Instant Voice Clone: Creating high-quality cloned voices by recording or uploading at least 1 minute of audio.
  • Cross Language Voice Cloning (Beta): Converting any natural language into professional-quality American English, UK English, and Spanish.
  • Emotion Recognition: Utilizing AI-powered technology to detect the emotional content of input and replicate non-human sounds in speech.
  • AI Voice Blender (Beta): Combining up to 25 distinct audio inputs to produce a unique voice.
  • Cloned Voice Sing: Singing along with your favorite artists using your own cloned voice.

Possible applications of MyVocal.AI include:

  • Creating cloned voices for purposes like dubbing, audiobooks, and podcasts.
  • Developing unique and personalized voices for virtual assistants and chatbots.
  • Improving audio recordings by adding emotional depth and non-human sounds.
  • Allowing users to sing along with their favorite artists using their own cloned voice in a fun and innovative way.

MyVocal.AI is an advanced technology that offers a wide range of possibilities for individuals and businesses alike.

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