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Added on May 30, 2023
Close 10x deals using your buyers' words
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Meeple is a sales assistant that utilizes artificial intelligence to support sales teams in increasing their deal success rate by automating call analysis and the creation of sales materials. It boasts several key features and advantages including:

  • Call transcription: Automatically converts sales calls into text format and extracts relevant details
  • Personalized sales materials: Generates customized one-pagers for buyers based on insights from the calls
  • Efficient and automated: Allows quick creation of AI-powered pages on a large scale, leading to improved sales performance
  • Buyer-friendly: Simplifies the process of scheduling one-on-one demo calls and provides useful resources

Meeple can be utilized by various sales professionals for different purposes. Some use cases include:

  • Sales teams looking to enhance their sales process with personalized materials
  • Account managers aiming to improve buyer engagement and increase the number of closed deals
  • Sales leaders seeking to streamline sales operations and boost team efficiency
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