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Added on May 30, 2023
Generate designs using prompts based on a design system.
Design Assistant
Social Links: is a specialized AI tool for designers, designed to help them create designs using a design system. It enables editing of both the design and design system through prompts.

Main Features:

  1. AI-powered design system support: Generate consistent designs that adhere to your chosen design system.
  2. Editable design and system: Customize both the design and design system using prompts.
  3. Asset generation: Automatically generate image assets, UX writing, and code.
  4. Effortless designer-developer handoff: Facilitate collaboration between design and development teams.
  5. Streamlined workflow: Enhance efficiency and reduce manual tasks in the design process.

Use Cases:

• Create and modify designs based on a design system to ensure consistency and high quality.

• Improve collaboration between designers and developers through automated asset generation and code.

• Optimize design workflows by minimizing manual tasks and increasing overall efficiency.

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