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Added on May 30, 2023
Extract foreground objects from images with ease using a Chrome extension
Image Editing
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Magic Copy is an extension for Chrome that makes use of Meta's Segment Anything Model to easily extract foreground objects from images and copy them to your clipboard.

Main Features:

  1. Chrome extension: Seamless integration with your Chrome browser.
  2. Foreground object extraction: Precise extraction using Meta's Segment Anything Model.
  3. Copy to clipboard: Quickly copy the extracted foreground objects for immediate use.
  4. Utilizes the same service as Meta's demo: Consistent performance and reliable results.

Possible Uses:

• Graphic designers who need a fast way to extract foreground objects from images.

• Content creators who want to enhance their visuals with extracted objects.

• Individuals looking for a user-friendly tool for image manipulation.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of Magic Copy to effortlessly extract foreground objects from images and enhance your creative projects. Remember to consider privacy concerns when sending images to a third party for processing.

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