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Added on May 30, 2023

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AI writing assistant for creating SEO-friendly blogs.
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LongShot is a writing assistant powered by AI that aims to assist you and your team in creating compelling blog content that ranks well in search engine results. With LongShot FactGPT, you can say goodbye to the challenges of finding new content ideas and keeping up with trends, as it provides user-generated content on various topics.

Main Features:

  1. AI-powered content creation: Easily generate captivating content with the help of AI.
  2. Diverse range of topics: Explore content ideas on current events, entertainment, gadgets, and more.
  3. Time-saving: Focus on other aspects of your business while LongShot takes care of content generation.
  4. SEO-friendly: Create blogs that are loved by both readers and search engines.


• Produce engaging blog content for different industries and subjects.

• Save time and effort by generating fresh content ideas.

• Enhance your website's search engine ranking with SEO-friendly content.

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