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Added on May 30, 2023
Kidgeni is an Ai art creator for kids to create art that they can wear.
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Kidgeni allows children to express their creativity by printing their favorite artwork on a variety of products, enabling them to proudly showcase their own creations.

Main Features:

  • AI-generated artwork: Children can discover and create art using AI technology with Kidgeni.
  • Learning opportunities: Prompts and resources are provided to help children understand the art creation process.
  • Wearable artwork: Kids can turn their artwork into wearable items like shirts and hoodies.
  • Personalization and creativity: Children can express their unique style and creativity through wearable art.

Use Cases:

• Engage children in AI art creation to stimulate their interest in technology and creativity.

• Enhance learning by offering prompts and resources to explore different art creation methods.

• Boost self-expression and confidence by allowing children to wear their own artwork.

• Inspire creativity and imaginative thinking through the integration of art and technology.

Kidgeni is an excellent tool for children to delve into AI art creation, while also gaining knowledge about various art creation methods.

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