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Added on May 30, 2023
The most powerful AI editor that amplifies your creativity and productivity.
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Boost your productivity with Cohesive: Seamlessly create, refine, edit, and publish your work with ease.


  • AI editor: Easily edit text, images, and language translations to ensure precise and polished content.
  • Content inspiration: Receive content ideas while writing in the editor and get fresh ideas for future creations.
  • 50+ Templates: Choose from a selection of handpicked curated templates for SEO, ad copywriting, marketing copywriting, social media content, and more.

Use Cases:

  1. Marketing: Optimize marketing ROI with high-converting AI content, enhance social media presence, improve search engine rankings, and create ad copies that drive digital growth.
  2. Sales: Increase sales quota with AI-generated content, create conversion-focused emails, subject lines that improve open rates, and convert prospects into profits.
  3. Support: Provide lightning-fast customer support with AI-powered conversations, respond to customer queries instantly, quickly create support documents, and generate comprehensive FAQs.
  4. Personal: Enhance personal writing with AI-powered enhancements, make an impression with compelling cover letters, create impressive LinkedIn bios, and accelerate content creation process.

Pricing: Get started for free, no credit card required.

Coming Soon: Browser extension to work seamlessly across Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, or any other platform.

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