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Added on May 30, 2023
Andi is a generative AI-powered search engine that provides direct answers instead of just links.
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Andi is an AI-powered search engine that utilizes generative AI to provide direct answers rather than just providing links. Andi employs advanced filtering techniques to deliver high-quality content and accurately summarize search results.

Some key features and advantages of Andi include:

  • Conversational search: Users can interact with Andi through a chatbot interface by typing queries and receiving answers in a conversational style.

  • Personalized experience: Andi aims to provide a search experience similar to having a conversation with a knowledgeable friend.

  • Additional features: Andi offers an ad-free and anonymous search experience, along with some interesting features like:
    • Reader-view mode: Allows users to view articles in an ad-free format.
    • Summarize: Provides instant short summaries of online pages.
    • Explain: Simplifies the explanation of various topics.
    • Text generation: Generates factually grounded content upon request. Users can prompt Andi by asking questions like, "Write, brainstorm, create, or draft..."
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