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Added on May 30, 2023

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High-quality images for game design and creativity.
Image Generator
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Aitubo is a powerful AI tool that allows users to generate high-quality images from text and photo inputs. It specifically focuses on creating game assets, including characters and cartoons, quickly and with a professional level of quality.

Main Features:

  1. Extensive Model Library: Access a wide range of professional models designed specifically for generating game assets, such as characters and cartoons.
  2. Efficient AI Generator: Swiftly generate materials for constructing a game world, architectural effects, dynamic characters, and three-dimensional depth of field pictures.
  3. AI Editor: Fine-tune and customize generated images with enhanced control and precision.
  4. Production-Ready Art Assets: Utilize existing models that can be adjusted and optimized to create high-quality art assets ready for use in games.
  5. Unlimited Creativity: Expand your creativity without limitations, experiencing a game-changing transformation in your creative endeavors.

Use Cases:

  • Generate professional-quality game assets, such as characters, backgrounds, and props.
  • Create stunning cartoons and illustrations for various applications.
  • Produce visualizations of architectural effects to showcase design concepts.
  • Generate dynamic character art for marketing materials, presentations, and more.
  • Create captivating three-dimensional depth of field pictures to add visual appeal.

Aitubo is a valuable tool for game designers, artists, and creators who want to enhance their creative process and efficiently generate high-quality art assets.

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