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Added on May 30, 2023
Forward your missed calls, or get a number, your AI agent will answer.
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Zencall is an AI-powered phone call management tool that effectively handles and redirects calls as required. Its notable features and advantages include:

  • New conversation text/email notification: Users can receive notifications through the zencall app, text message, or email whenever they receive a new phone call and the AI handles it. Additionally, they can access and review calls within the app.
  • Send links by text message: The AI has the capability to send links via text message to incoming callers, enabling them to place orders, make reservations, or schedule meetings by clicking on a URL link.
  • Unlimited prompt testing: Users can call and test their AI by employing unlimited free prompts to enhance its response to incoming calls.
  • Phone number: Users can acquire a free zencall phone number to use as their primary number or to forward missed or incoming calls from an existing number.
  • Redirect calls: The AI can redirect calls to a designated person or service, or in cases where it lacks answers to specific questions.

Use cases for Zencall encompass efficient call management and enhancement of customer service:

  • Leverage AI to manage and redirect calls to enhance customer service and response times
  • Facilitate convenient ordering and scheduling by sending links to customers via text message
  • Optimize AI prompts through testing to better serve customers during phone interactions
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