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Added on May 30, 2023
Dating app messaging support.

Winggg is an AI tool developed to assist users in crafting captivating and individualized messages for dating apps and face-to-face conversations. It offers a range of features, including suggested message replies, personalized openers for apps, prompts for asking better questions, conversation starters for real-life interactions, date requests, optimization of profiles, and polite ways to end conversations.

Notable Features:

  1. AI-Generated Message Suggestions: Provides users with AI-generated message suggestions for different scenarios, increasing the likelihood of receiving responses.
  2. Personalized App Openers: Creates attention-grabbing and more engaging openers, outperforming generic ones.
  3. Improved Question Prompts: Offers prompts to spark meaningful conversations and move beyond superficial small talk.
  4. In-Person Conversation Starters: Provides conversation starters for real-life interactions, boosting users' confidence and engagement.
  5. In-Person Date Requests: Gives suggestions for smoothly transitioning from online to in-person dates.
  6. Profile Optimization: Provides guidance on enhancing dating app profiles to increase engagement and attract potential matches.
  7. Respectful Conversation Endings: Provides tips on maintaining respectful communication and gracefully ending conversations.


  • Users of dating apps such as Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder who wish to improve their messaging skills and create engaging conversations.
  • Individuals seeking guidance on initiating conversations and receiving more replies from potential matches.
  • Users transitioning from online conversations to face-to-face interactions and looking for conversation starters.
  • Individuals aiming to enhance their dating app profiles and attract more attention from potential matches.
  • Users in search of tips on communicating respectfully and ending conversations without abruptly discontinuing communication.

Winggg is an AI-powered tool that offers users valuable insights and suggestions to enhance their experiences with dating apps and real-life interactions.

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