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Added on May 30, 2023
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Voyp is an app that uses voice commands to help users make appointments and reservations easily. It aims to provide convenience for individuals who have difficulty making phone calls due to speech impairments, social anxiety, or other conditions.

Major Features:

  1. Voice-Powered Functionality: Voyp allows users to make appointments and reservations using simple voice commands, making it convenient and accessible.
  2. Intelligent Assistant: The app's AI-powered assistant can handle a variety of tasks, such as scheduling appointments and making reservations.
  3. Multi-Language and Multi-Voice Support: Voyp offers different languages and voice options, allowing users to personalize their interactions.
  4. Contextual Call Handling: The call assistant selects the appropriate number to call and provides context to ensure accurate appointments and reservations.
  5. Unlimited Calls Subscription: Voyp's subscription plan provides unlimited calls to selected locations worldwide, eliminating usage restrictions.
  6. Flexible Pricing Plans: Voyp offers a range of pricing plans, including a free version with limited calls and premium options for unlimited calls and additional features.

Use Cases:

  • Individuals with speech impairments who struggle with regular phone calls.
  • People dealing with social anxiety or conditions that make phone conversations uncomfortable or overwhelming.
  • Users who need a convenient and accessible way to make appointments and reservations on the go.
  • Individuals who prefer voice interactions over online reservation systems for efficiency.
  • Businesses or service providers interested in offering a voice-powered appointment scheduling and reservation system.

Voyp is a valuable app that allows users to make appointments and reservations effortlessly through voice commands, catering to individuals with communication challenges and offering convenience and flexibility in scheduling and booking processes.

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