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Added on May 30, 2023
AI-powered video translation and voice-over
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Vidby is a platform powered by AI that offers a variety of services to meet your needs in video translation and voice-over.

Main Features:

  1. Various order types: Choose from translation and dubbing with subtitles, subtitles with translation, or original subtitles.
  2. Multiple quality options: Select from full automatic, 99% accuracy, 100% translation and voiceover, or 100% translation with human voiceover.
  3. Customizable audio tracks: Pick from five audio track options that best fit your project.
  4. Collaboration with teams: Efficiently work with your team to manage and complete projects.
  5. Advanced customization: Have control over pronunciation, translation quality, speed, and more with specialized functions.

Use Cases:

• Translate and dub videos to reach global audiences.

• Include accurate subtitles in multiple languages for videos.

• Enhance the quality of audio tracks and voiceovers for a professional outcome.

• Collaborate with your team on video translation projects.

Experience a seamless video translation and voice-over service with Vidby, the platform powered by AI that simplifies the creation of high-quality, multilingual video content.

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