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Added on May 30, 2023
Instant responses, trip planning & recipes via iMessage.
Life Assistant
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TextGPT is an AI messaging assistant specifically created for iPhone users to use within iMessage.

Main Features:

  • User-friendly messaging assistant: Utilize ChatGPT conveniently through iMessage for various personal and professional purposes.
  • Canvas Creator: Generate distinct and expressive wallpapers using TextGPT's Canvas Creator function.
  • Subscription plans: Select from Pro, Max, and Ultra plans with weekly, monthly, or yearly billing options.
  • Expert knowledge and guidance: Access expert knowledge and guidance directly within the messaging app.
  • Smooth conversation continuity: Easily continue previous conversations or initiate new ones with TextGPT's automation.

Possible Applications:

• Obtain immediate answers to inquiries, plan trips, receive recipe assistance, and more via iMessage.

• Access expert knowledge and guidance directly within the messaging app.

• Personalize wallpapers using TextGPT's Canvas Creator feature.

TextGPT is a trustworthy and efficient messaging assistant catered to iPhone users.

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