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Added on May 30, 2023
Enhancing multilingual speaking abilities.
Education Assistant

Speaking Practice is a language learning app that uses AI technology to help users improve their speaking skills in over 20 languages. It solves the problem of struggling to find the right words and express oneself effectively, especially in group conversations.

Main Features:

  1. AI-Powered Conversations: Have conversations with AI based on topics from users' Twitter followings.
  2. Customized Topics: Access tailored hot topics from Twitter based on users' interests.
  3. Advanced-Level Practice: Focus on advanced-level language practice, including presenting arguments and expressing viewpoints.
  4. Grammar Improvements: Access grammar improvement tools to enhance language proficiency.
  5. Voice Recognition: Utilize voice recognition for accurate speech evaluation.
  6. Training Difficult Words and Phrases: Practice challenging vocabulary and phrases.
  7. Gamified Learning: Encourage daily practice with a gamified system and earn stars.

Use Cases:

  • Develop advanced speaking skills in a foreign language.
  • Improve the ability to express viewpoints and engage in persuasive arguments.
  • Practice real-world conversations to enhance language proficiency.
  • Build confidence in participating in group discussions.
  • Get a personalized learning experience based on interests and Twitter followings.

Speaking Practice provides a comprehensive and interactive language learning experience that focuses on improving speaking skills.

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