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Added on May 30, 2023
Ask an AI trained on Seth’s writing
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The Seths Chatbot allows users to ask questions and receive AI-generated responses based on Seth's writing. The AI has been specifically trained to mimic Seth's writing style and content. Some key features and advantages of the chatbot include:

  • Helpful and informative responses: The AI aims to provide useful answers to user queries.
  • Easy access and use: Users can access the chatbot by clicking the "Ask" button on the blog's homepage and submit their questions using a text box.
  • Feedback mechanism: Users can provide feedback on the response using thumbs up or down symbols and submit additional feedback if desired.
  • Increased engagement: The chatbot offers an additional way for visitors to interact and engage with the blog's content.
  • Marketing-related topics: The chatbot can be particularly beneficial for those seeking practical advice on marketing-related subjects.

This tool is a unique and innovative resource for those interested in Seth Godin's work, providing quick and reliable answers to their questions. It offers users a new and interactive way to engage with the blog's content.

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