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Added on May 30, 2023
Save hours writing for schools
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SchoolAI is an AI writing tool designed specifically for educators and schools. It aims to streamline and automate repetitive writing tasks, ultimately saving teachers and schools valuable time. By using SchoolAI, users can create personalized documents for various school-related purposes, such as reports, lesson plans, marking, emails, brainstorms, and quizzes. The tool offers different modes to cater to specific needs:

  • Email/Letter Mode: This mode allows users to quickly draft emails or letters by selecting the intended audience, providing relevant details in the Description box, and choosing the desired tone and length.
  • Mark and Grade Mode: With this mode, AI can efficiently mark assignments, essays, and homework. Users simply need to paste the text into the "Document to mark" box, specify the target year group, subject, assignment title, and length of response, and click "Write!"
  • Lesson Plan Mode: Users can easily create lesson plans by entering the necessary details and selecting the desired lesson length. Additionally, they can generate accompanying resources through the Resource mode.
  • Quiz: This mode enables users to generate quizzes for any occasion, specifying a description, target year group, subject, and length.
  • Resource From Learn Plan: Users can create learning resources like handouts or text-based materials. If a lesson plan has been created, this mode offers the option to generate suggested resources.
  • Brainstorm Mode: This mode helps generate ideas for various purposes by entering a description or keywords, specifying the year group/grade if relevant, and choosing the desired length of results.
  • Time saved: The Time Saved counter keeps track of the time saved across the current document and all previous documents, providing a quantifiable measure of the tool's efficiency.
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