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Added on May 30, 2023
Use AI to enhance your CV, eliminate errors, and stand out from the crowd
Life Assistant
Social Links: is a platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that aims to assist job seekers in enhancing their resumes for maximum impact. It offers several key features and advantages, including:

  • GPT4 AI-checks: It identifies typos, grammar, and formatting errors, and provides suggestions for corrections.
  • Role and industry optimization: It tailors resumes specifically for job roles and industries.
  • Error detection and rewording: It identifies common mistakes and provides suggestions for rewording and additions.
  • Skills and structure adjustments: It adjusts personal skills and recommends changes to the resume structure. is beneficial for various job seekers, such as:

  • Individuals who want to refine their resumes for a more professional look.
  • Career changers who want to optimize their resumes for different industries or roles.
  • Recent graduates who aim to make their resumes stand out in a competitive job market.

With positive feedback from customers and additional services like and, provides a comprehensive solution for improving resumes.

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