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Added on May 30, 2023
our ghostwriter robo-servant for creating a life blueprint Manuscript and publishing simsbooks on the Qualped Library.
Life Assistant

Qwai is an innovative tool that functions as an automated ghostwriter assistant, assisting you in crafting a Manuscript blueprint for your life. This Manuscript then serves as the foundation upon which you can construct a life that brings you joy. Qwai empowers you to shape your future narrative and transform your dreams into reality.

Key Features:

  • Life blueprint Manuscript: Qwai lends a hand in creating a comprehensive plan for building the life you aspire to.
  • Simsbook design process: Qwai's team of designers guide you through a series of design steps to turn your Manuscript into an engaging multimedia smartbook called simsbook.
  • Global library publication: Your simsbook is published on the Qualped Library, an international ecommerce platform, allowing you to generate multiple streams of revenue from your story.

Use Cases:

• Develop a life blueprint Manuscript to navigate your journey and manifest your dreams.

• Collaborate with Qwai's designers to convert your Manuscript into a captivating multimedia smartbook.

• Share your simsbook on the Qualped Library, reaching a worldwide audience and earning income from your story.

Qwai is an exceptional tool that empowers individuals to shape their future and build a life that brings them happiness.

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