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Added on May 30, 2023
Create and embed custom AI assistants on your website
Customer Support

With Pika, you have the ability to take advantage of ChatGPT's capabilities to offer immediate responses and engage with visitors on your website in a conversational way.

Main Features:

  • AI Assistants Tailored to Your Needs: Develop and incorporate AI assistants that are unique to your website.
  • Learning from PDFs and URLs: Teach the chatbot by uploading PDF files or URLs, which allows it to provide accurate answers.
  • Simplicity in Customization: Easily personalize the chatbot's appearance, greeting message, and the length of its responses.

Possible Uses:

• Excellent Customer Support: Offer immediate responses and assist customers with their inquiries directly on your website.

• Interactive Knowledge Base: Transform your knowledge base into interactive conversations, resulting in improved user engagement.

• Conversational Marketing: Engage with website visitors in a conversational way to generate potential leads and conversions.

Pika empowers website owners by enhancing the user experience, providing efficient customer support, and increasing engagement through the deployment of personalized AI assistants.

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