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Added on May 30, 2023
Automate dubbing with AI in multiple languages
Video Editing
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Papercup is a software that uses artificial intelligence to provide dubbing and video translation services. It allows users to localize their videos with voiceovers that sound like they were done by humans. Its key features and advantages include:

  • AI-powered voiceover: It transcribes, translates, and produces human-like voiceovers quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Quality assurance: A team of quality assurance (QA) experts ensures the voiceover's quality and makes any necessary adjustments.
  • Industry-specific solutions: It offers tailored solutions for media companies, enterprises, e-learning platforms, content creators, and more.
  • Add-on services: It provides additional services such as distribution, captions and subtitles, and broadcast-quality editing.

Some use cases for Papercup are especially suitable for various industries:

  • Media companies that want to localize their content for global audiences.
  • E-learning platforms that aim to make their courses accessible in multiple languages.
  • Content creators who want to expand their reach through translated videos.

In summary, Papercup offers a powerful solution for video translation and localization, providing high-quality voiceovers and a range of additional services.

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