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Added on May 30, 2023
Autogenerate high-quality flashcards from your PDFs and save hundreds of hours.
Education Assistant

Paperclips is a tool that utilizes AI technology to create flashcards from PDFs of course notes. This tool, which uses ChatGPT, is designed to assist students in studying and preparing for exams. It offers several key features and advantages:

  • Platform flexibility: It can be used with various platforms such as Anki, Quizlet, Zorbi, PDF, and CSV. This allows users to export their flashcards to their preferred platform.
  • Seamless integration: It seamlessly integrates with GoodNotes and Notability, allowing students to conveniently access their notes from different devices.
  • Unlimited flashcards: It generates an unlimited number of flashcards, and users can choose from monthly, four-monthly, or yearly pricing plans based on their needs.
  • AI-based technology: The tool employs AI-based technology, specifically ChatGPT, to ensure that the generated flashcards are of high quality and relevant to the course material.

Use cases for Paperclips involve simplifying the exam preparation process. These include:

  • Generating high-quality flashcards from PDFs of course notes using ChatGPT
  • Exporting flashcards to multiple platforms, including Anki, Quizlet, Zorbi, PDF, and CSV
  • Seamlessly integrating with GoodNotes and Notability for easy access to notes from different devices
  • Designed for high school and college students
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