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Added on May 30, 2023
Contract management for humans. Powered by AI.
Legal Assistant
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LinkSquares is a contract management tool fueled by artificial intelligence (AI) that is specifically designed to assist legal teams in creating, reviewing, and executing agreements more efficiently. The tool offers several noteworthy features and benefits:

  • Customizable templates: Enables the creation, review, and approval of agreements through dynamic workflows, resulting in faster processing times
  • Real-time visibility: Allows users to execute contracts within seconds and provides AI-powered insights
  • Centralized access: Provides a single location to manage contracts and associated data both before and after they are signed
  • Collaboration tools: Offers scalable workflows for assigning tasks and automating reviews

The use cases for LinkSquares cater to a variety of legal teams, such as:

  • Corporate legal departments that aim to streamline contract drafting and review processes
  • Law firms seeking improved collaboration and efficiency in contract management
  • Large enterprises interested in real-time insights and data extraction from legal documents

LinkSquares provides an all-encompassing solution for managing the entire lifecycle of contracts, making it an ideal choice for teams looking to enhance their contract management processes through the power of AI.

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