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Added on May 30, 2023
AI-powered tools to interviewers to conduct great interviews
Human Resources

This platform, which utilizes artificial intelligence, creates questions specifically related to the chosen job category and position. This ensures that the questions are relevant and effective. Alongside the AI-generated questions, the platform also offers various features to assist in interview management.

With this platform, you can save questions, notes, and follow-up questions for individual candidates. This allows you to refer back to them later, enabling you to make more informed hiring decisions. Furthermore, InterviewAI will continue to develop artificial intelligence-backed features to enhance interviewer effectiveness.

  • Real-time AI-Generated Questions: InterviewAI generates interview questions tailored to the selected job category and position in real-time.
  • Question Library: The service includes a comprehensive library of pre-loaded interview questions, saving you time and providing a basis for creating customized questions.
  • Interview Management: Our platform offers tools to assist with interview management, such as the ability to save notes and questions for individual candidates.
  • AI-Generated Follow-Up Questions: Using artificial intelligence, InterviewAI creates intelligent follow-up questions based on a candidate's responses. This helps you delve deeper and uncover valuable insights.
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