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Added on May 30, 2023
Interact with your Database and Create Analytics
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Utilize AI to Interact with Your Database

Obtain answers in seconds by asking questions in natural language. No need for SQL queries or data science. Just ask.

Boost Your Business In a fast-paced world brimming with data, gain valuable insights to enhance decision-making and improve your business.

Robust Dashboards

  • Create visually appealing, interactive dashboards that are user-friendly and shareable.
  • Auto-Refresh: Dashboards automatically update to provide you with the latest information.
  • No Coding Required: Develop dashboards without the need for coding skills.
  • Quick Configuration: Connect to your database and start posing queries within seconds.

How It Functions

  1. Connect to Your Database: No coding necessary. Use the provided credentials to establish a connection.
  2. Pose a Question: Ask a question about your data and receive an answer within seconds. No knowledge of SQL or programming languages required.
  3. View the Results: Depending on the question, you will receive a table, chart, and more.
  4. Share the Results with Your Team: Construct dashboards with widgets that display the outcomes of your queries and share them with your team.

Use Cases:

  1. Simplified Data Access: Access data in mere seconds by posing queries using natural language, eliminating the need for SQL or expertise in data science.
  2. Obtain Business Insights: AI analysis of large data volumes leads to improved decision-making and outcomes.
  3. Interactive Dashboards: Create and share user-friendly dashboards with updated data within just five minutes, without writing any code.
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