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Added on May 30, 2023
Cutting-edge tool for asynchronous communication with exclusive features
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Businesses now have the option for customers to contact them using video messaging, text messaging, screen sharing, and audio messaging. Responses can be received at the customer's convenience.

Main Features:

  • Video messaging: Communicate effectively using visual messages.
  • Text messaging: Easily exchange messages with businesses using text.
  • Screen sharing: Provide or receive real-time assistance by sharing your screen.
  • Audio messaging: Send voice messages for efficient and personal interaction.

Possible Uses:

• Customer support: Get assistance or ask questions from businesses at any time.

• Collaboration and remote work: Communicate and share information seamlessly.

• Sales and consultations: Engage with customers using different asynchronous channels.

• Flexibility and convenience: Receive responses at your own pace.

Discover the transformative capabilities of HelpGent, which allows for asynchronous communication through video, text, screen sharing, and audio messaging.

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