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Added on May 30, 2023
Automated personal assistant for task-solving.
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Gnbly allows users to easily handle tasks such as making restaurant reservations and scheduling appointments using a simple command.

Main Features:

  • Task automation: Automate daily communication tasks, such as booking reservations and scheduling appointments, with the assistance of a personal executive assistant.
  • Efficient customer service: Resolve customer service issues by navigating phone systems and gathering essential information.
  • Inquiry capabilities: Easily access information from businesses using Gnbly's inquiry feature.
  • Call handling features: Benefit from call recording, IVR interaction, call forwarding, and managing incoming calls for businesses.

Usage Scenarios:

• Personal assistant automation: Gnbly functions as a personal executive assistant, automating daily communication tasks for personal use.

• Enterprise support dispatch: Businesses can utilize Gnbly to improve communication efficiency and streamline tasks for support dispatchers.

• Time-saving communication: Gnbly aids in saving time and effort by automating tasks and offering efficient communication solutions.

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