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Added on May 30, 2023
AI assistant to record, transcribe, and search your meetings.
Social Links: is a tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to improve team collaboration through conversation intelligence and notetaking. It offers several key features and advantages, including:

  • Transcription: Allows users to capture video and audio, generate transcripts, and filter important topics discussed during meetings.
  • AI-powered search: Enables quick reviewing of meetings, identification of action items, tasks, and other important metrics.
  • Collaboration: Users can add comments, pins, reactions, and share meeting notes with various apps such as Slack, Notion, and Asana.
  • Conversation intelligence: Tracks speaker talk time, sentiment, monologues, and other essential metrics.
  • Automated workflows: Users can automatically fill out customer relationship management (CRM) systems, create tasks using voice commands, and instantly share meeting recaps. can be applied to several different use cases across various teams and industries, such as:

  • Sales and marketing: Helps track objections, competitors, and customize topic trackers.
  • Engineering and recruiting: Aids in automating workflows and improving team collaboration.
  • Education and media & podcasting: Allows for the creation of a real-time knowledge base for the entire team.
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