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Added on May 30, 2023
Assisted creation of fictional stories for writers.
Story Teller

FictionGPT is a valuable AI tool designed for writers who want to create engaging fictional stories. With its user-friendly features, this tool assists in developing captivating narratives.

Main Features:

  1. Genre Selection: Customize the plot and characters by choosing a genre that suits your creative vision.
  2. Due Date Management: Stay on track and effectively manage your writing time by setting a due date for your story.
  3. Style Option: Enhance the quality and appeal of your narrative by generating story ideas based on your chosen style.

Potential Uses:

• Create captivating fictional stories in various genres, such as horror or romance.

• Effectively manage your writing time by assigning a due date to your story.

• Boost your creativity with style-based story idea generation.

FictionGPT utilizes advanced AI algorithms to assist writers in crafting captivating fictional stories.

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