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Added on May 30, 2023
Run a custom Question Answering Bot on any website.
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Social Links: is a platform that enables users to create a Question Answering Bot that can provide accurate responses to natural language queries by utilizing data from any website or source. The platform offers several key features and advantages:

  • Data extraction technology:'s technology extracts data from websites and sources, laying a strong and reliable foundation for your data.
  • Knowledge graphs:'s knowledge graphs help organize and leverage your data for future use.
  • Accurate responses: ensures the accuracy of responses by incorporating data from multiple sources.
  • Flexible interfaces: Data can be accessed through a bot, API, or other interfaces.
  • Tailored solutions: offers customized solutions for professionals.

Use cases for encompass a range of applications for a Question Answering Bot:

  • Integrate any website or source into a Question Answering Bot to deliver precise responses.
  • Utilize the platform's data extraction technology and knowledge graphs to establish a reliable foundation for your data.
  • Access data through a bot, API, or other interfaces.
  • Tailored solutions are available for professionals.
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