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Added on May 30, 2023
Noise Cancellation using AI
Audio Editing
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CrystalSound utilizes artificial intelligence technology to eliminate unwanted noise and distractions during calls, recordings, and online meetings. Its advanced algorithms and cutting-edge features can remove background noise, echo, howling effects, and other voices, ensuring clear and effective communication.

CrystalSound Features

  • Bidirectional noise removal: Real-time removal of unwanted ambient noise on both outgoing and incoming calls, delivering HD voice quality.
  • Clarity Improvement: Amplifying audio frequencies (from 8khz to 16khz, from 16khz to 32khz) enhances the clarity of the voice for listeners.
  • HD Voice Enablement: Enablement of full-band model improves audio quality, resulting in high-quality HD Voice.
  • Audio Loss Concealment: Automatically conceals missing audio caused by data loss during transmission within 5%.
  • Acoustic/Room Echo Suppression: Eliminates both echo resonating from empty room walls and echo from the user's voice during calls.
  • Personalized: AI-powered audio enhancement based on the user's voice characteristics and environment.
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