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Added on May 30, 2023
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Conch is a writing assistant powered by AI that aims to enhance writing efficiency and overcome AI detection algorithms. Its main features and benefits include:

  • Enhanced writing speed: Assists users in writing more efficiently using AI
  • AI Bypasser: Ensures content is undetectable by algorithms like GPTZero, providing peace of mind while writing
  • Context-awareness: Generates relevant next sentences based on users' previous writing
  • Templates and summarization: Offers various templates and a summarization feature for researchers, writers, and students
  • Support for multiple languages: Available in multiple languages with free and Pro plans

Conch is useful for a variety of users, including:

  • Students who want assistance with assignments without worrying about detection
  • Writers and researchers who require quick summarization or context-aware sentence generation
  • Professionals who seek to improve their writing productivity with AI-powered support
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