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Added on May 30, 2023
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CodeMate is a coding assistant powered by AI that offers various features, benefits, and use cases:

  • Error correction: CodeMate assists in fixing code errors with a simple click.
  • Code review: It can perform comprehensive code reviews to ensure optimized and error-free code.
  • Code optimization: CodeMate can optimize code for improved efficiency.
  • Custom-trained LLMs: CodeMate's custom-trained LLMs based on synthetic datasets offer capabilities beyond ChatGPT.
  • Secure: CodeMate is fully secure and does not access or store your codebase for training purposes.
  • Web IDE and VS Code extension: CodeMate provides its own AI-powered Web IDE and a VS Code extension, allowing you to utilize all the features within your environment.

Developers can use CodeMate to enhance their coding productivity, ensure code quality, and optimize their code. It is a valuable tool for both individuals and teams working on software projects.

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