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Added on May 30, 2023
CAPTURELAB auto-detects your best gaming moments with AI!
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Capturelab is a powerful tool designed to assist streamers in highlighting their top gaming moments and growing their channel. The tool offers several key features and advantages, including:

  • AI-powered highlights: Automatically detects and emphasizes exciting and memorable moments from any stream duration.
  • Easy editing and sharing: Allows users to easily edit, connect, and share video reels on various social media platforms.
  • Adlab integration: Streamers can monetize their content by connecting to sponsorship campaigns.
  • Free to use: Users can sign up with their Twitch account and let Capturelab take care of the rest.

Capturelab is beneficial for various streamer use cases:

  • Gaming enthusiasts who want to showcase their skills and memorable moments.
  • Content creators looking to grow their audience and expand their channel reach.
  • Streamers who aim to monetize their content through sponsorship campaigns.

Overall, Capturelab provides an effortless solution for capturing, editing, and sharing the best gaming moments, enabling streamers to expand their audience and monetize their content.

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