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Added on May 30, 2023
Detection and revision of offensive tweets.
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CanceledGPT is an AI tool that allows users to search and modify potentially offensive tweets on their Twitter profile. It aids users in ensuring that their online presence is free from harmful or problematic language, offering options to revise, delete, or expose tweets as required.

Key Features:

  1. Tweet Search: Search for potentially offensive tweets on your Twitter profile.
  2. Trending Searches: Explore a list of popular searches to identify commonly used problematic language.
  3. Date Range Selection: Select a specific date range for the thorough review of past tweets during the search.
  4. Revise or Delete Tweets: Modify the language of potentially harmful tweets or delete them completely.
  5. Expose Tweets: Hold oneself or others accountable by exposing tweets to exhibit personal growth and learning.

Use Cases:

  • Individuals seeking to ensure the absence of offensive or harmful content in their online presence.
  • Social media users committed to maintaining a positive and inclusive online environment.
  • Users wishing to revise or delete past tweets containing potentially problematic language.
  • Individuals aiming to hold themselves or others accountable for their language and behavior on social media.

CanceledGPT is an invaluable AI tool that empowers users to review and modify their tweets to align with positive values.

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