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Added on May 30, 2023

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Transcribe and understand audio with AI models: ASR, NLP, Speech-to-Text.
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Many businesses, such as Spotify, CallRail, and Writer, utilize our API to gain access to advanced AI models that can accurately transcribe and comprehend speech. This enables them to develop AI-powered products and features at a faster pace.

Notable features of our API include:

  • Advanced AI models: Enables accurate transcription and comprehension of audio files, video files, and live audio streams at scale
  • Versatile capabilities: Allows for transcription, summarization, detection of hateful content, identification of spoken topics, and more
  • Simple and secure API: Trusted by both startups and global enterprises

AssemblyAI has various use cases that cater to different industries:

  • Developers building AI-first products that require speech recognition capabilities
  • Businesses looking to enhance call transcription accuracy and customer experience
  • Organizations aiming to analyze and comprehend spoken content for various purposes
  • Overall, AssemblyAI provides a robust solution for speech recognition and comprehension, along with comprehensive developer support.

To witness the capabilities of AssemblyAI, you can select your preferred audio or video file and upload it to our no-code playground. From there, you can easily toggle AI models on and off to explore the various ways you can extract intelligent insights from audio or video sources.

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