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Added on May 30, 2023
Access a range of foundation models from leading startups and Amazon
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Amazon Bedrock is a platform created to assist users in constructing and expanding generative AI applications using foundation models (FMs). It offers a variety of FMs built by reputable AI startups and Amazon, enabling users to select the most suitable model for their specific use case.

Main Features:

  • Facilitate the development of generative AI applications using an API, eliminating the need for infrastructure management.
  • Choose from a selection of FMs offered by AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Stability AI, and Amazon.
  • Privately customize FMs by utilizing your organization's data.
  • Deploy scalable, reliable, and secure generative AI applications by leveraging familiar AWS tools and capabilities.

Possible Uses:

  • Utilize Amazon Bedrock to swiftly and effortlessly construct and expand generative AI applications using foundation models (FMs) without the hassle of managing infrastructure.
  • Select from a variety of FMs provided by distinguished AI startups and Amazon, such as AI21 Labs, Anthropic, and Stability AI, to find the most suitable model for your specific use case.
  • Privately customize FMs using your organization's data, enabling greater control over your AI applications.
  • Utilize familiarity with AWS tools and capabilities to efficiently deploy your generative AI applications, ensuring scalability, reliability, and security.
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