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Added on May 30, 2023
Generated WordPress content & images.
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AI Buddy is a WordPress plugin developed by StylemixThemes that allows users to easily create high-quality content and images for their websites. It harnesses the power of OpenAI and ChatGPT, providing a comprehensive solution for content and image generation.

Notable Features:

  1. Content Creation: Instantly generate titles, excerpts, and main sections of content.
  2. Bulk Content Builder: Simultaneously create multiple posts or pages.
  3. Image Generator: Produce professional-looking images even without graphic design skills.
  4. Fine-Tune Chatbot: Customize the Chatbot's learning using specific examples.
  5. AI Buddy Playground: Experiment and interact with AI models and code.
  6. Positive Customer Feedback: Earned positive ratings and reputation in the WordPress community.

Possible Applications:

  • Creation of high-quality content for websites and blogs.
  • Simplification of the content creation process for website owners and bloggers.
  • Creation of professional-looking images without graphic design skills.
  • Customization of the Chatbot for personalized user experiences.
  • Experimentation and exploration of AI capabilities.

AI Buddy is an invaluable AI tool for WordPress users who want to streamline the content and image creation process.

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