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Added on May 30, 2023
Improved Photoshop image enhancement integration.
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Dreamfabric for Photoshop is an AI tool that brings Stable Diffusion technology into Adobe Photoshop to allow users to enhance and refine their images while maintaining their natural appearance.

Main Features:

  1. Integration of Stable Diffusion: Seamlessly incorporates Stable Diffusion technology into Adobe Photoshop for AI-powered image enhancement.
  2. Natural Enhancement: Improves and refines images while preserving their inherent look and characteristics.
  3. Compatibility with Adobe Photoshop: Works within the familiar Photoshop interface, eliminating the need for extra software or plugins.
  4. Suitable for Various Users: Tailored for photographers, graphic designers, and digital artists who extensively work with images in Photoshop.
  5. Efficient and Intuitive Workflow: Allows users to achieve professional-quality outcomes with minimal effort and a streamlined workflow.
  6. Preservation of Image Quality: Ensures the final result maintains high image quality, appearing genuine and professional.


  • Photographers seeking to enhance and refine images while preserving their natural qualities.
  • Graphic designers requiring visually appealing and professional designs in Photoshop.
  • Digital artists wanting to integrate AI-powered enhancements into their creative process for better results.
  • Professionals and individuals working with images in Photoshop desiring a faster and more efficient workflow with high-quality outputs.

Dreamfabric for Photoshop revolutionizes the image enhancement process by seamlessly integrating Stable Diffusion technology directly into Adobe Photoshop.

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